Stress Testing Assessment

What is Stress Testing?

Stress Testing is characterized as one of Software Testing that checked the robustness of a system against high traffic load scenarios. It even tests above normal operational working point and assesses how the system behaves under unexpected conditions. Stress Testing is done to ensure that the system would not produce error and crashed under those conditions.

When do you use Stress Testing?

Application stress tests are important before huge events, for example, e-commerce sites selling discounted branded items at the end of year. So it is essential to test consistently to the limit the possibility of application failure. This tests encourages system administrator to discover traffic spikes and gives additional time to fix any bottlenecks.

Reconz Stress Testing Objectives

The objective of stress testing is to examine system failure behaviour at breaking point . For stress testing to be effective, a system should produce error message while it is under unexpected conditions.

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