Thick Client Assessment

What are thick client applications?

Thick clients, also called fat/heavy/rich clients, are full-featured computers that are connected to a network. Unlike thin clients, which lack hard drives and other features, thick clients are functional whether they are connected to a network or not.

Organizations underestimate the essential need of thick client application security Assessment leaving all the related information in the responsibility of the software publishers. Not like the thin clients (web application) security assessment, vulnerability assessment of the thick client' applications (client-server) is frequently overlooked.

The thick client application run on the computer's memory and therefore the application's security depends mostly upon the local network. Due to the thick client application unique nature, automated vulnerability assessment scanning isn't sufficient to capture adequate results.

ReconZ cyber security penetration tester scans all the attack surface using automated thick client assessment compliment by manual thick client assessment, providing clients with a complete understanding of the security posture of their application, thus enhancing improvement.

ReconZ cyber security penetration tester scrutinizes thick client application by intercepting the application. Analyzing and testing the target request and provides the clients with a detailed and comprehensive report for the security condition thus allowing us to formulate the best remediation specifically for the client.

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