WAF Security Audit

Web application firewall (WAF) are an evolving information security technology designed to protect web sites from attack. Web application firewall (WAF) solutions are capable of preventing attacks that network firewalls and intrusion detection systems can't, and they do not require modification of application source code.

Web Applications Firewall (WAF) are fundamental building blocks of modern application security. For example, the PCI standard for organizations handling credit card transactions dictates that any application facing the internet should be either protected by a web application firewalls (WAF) or successfully pass a code review process. Nevertheless, despite their popularity and importance, auditing web application firewalls (WAF) remains a challenging and complex task.

To find the attacks that bypass the firewall usually requires domain knowledge at expert level for a specific vulnerability class. Therefore, penetration testers not armed with this knowledge are left with publicly available lists of attack strings, like the XSS Cheat Sheet, which are usually insufficient for thoroughly evaluating the security of a WAF product.

ReconZ will help you to perform web application firewall (WAF) security assessment by applying comprehensive assessment to identify existing vulnerabilities within your web application. We then use the information gathered during this initial assessment to create a customized rule set by adding further mitigation controls to address the specific issues identified.

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