Web Penetration Testing

Manual web penetration testing is currently vital component of any software testing procedure. With a growing number of cyber threats to the application layer, organizations must constantly test for vulnerabilities that could compromise web application security. While automated testing can find many vulnerabilities it sometimes provides a false positive result. There are some authorization issues and business logic vulnerabilities that only manual web penetration testing can accurately discover.

Traditionally, web application penetration test has been an expensive prospect. Completing manual web penetration testing can take quite sometimes, and it’s a methodology that can’t scale in the same way as automated testing. Yet to ensure secured web application, organizations are advised to conduct manual web penetration testing on every web application at least once a year.

When looking for web penetration testing solutions that are easier and more cost-effective to execute, growing number of organizations today turn to Reconz Consulting.

ReconZ’s Manual Penetration Testing complements ReconZ’s automated scanning technologies under ReCA web penetration testing services to find complex vulnerabilities in web application as well as mobile, desktop, backend and IoT applications. ReconZ’s service uses standardized testing processes to ensure consistency, scanning applications with automated testing technologies first and following up with manual web penetration testing to identify flaws that automated tests can’t find. In this way, ReconZ improves the accuracy of results while reducing the cost of the process.

ReconZ’s solutions cover a range of testing methodologies, including static and dynamic analysis, software composition analysis, web application scanning, vendor application security testing and more.

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